Private sector

private clients who need to dispose wastes

Friulana Ambientale has launched a special service for private clients, who – in their household – need to dispose wastes that cannot be collected with domestic ones and therefore can only be treated by specialised companies, operating in the ecological and environmental field.

More specifically, it is a do-it-yourself kit, which allows the client to autonomously carry out the site remediation after our company has checked its safety, hygienic and sanitary conditions and the feasibility of the measure during an inspection. Afterwards, Friulana Ambientale will take care of the waste transport and disposal.

Also in this case, the service offered by Friulana Ambientale is comprehensive and accurate, from waste analysis and cataloguing according to appropriate EWC codes to the completion of its disposal, accompanied by the relevant statutory documentation.

The kit can be used for several wastes, from asbestos to any material contaminated with it and insulation products, like membranes, rock and glass wool.