Research and development

Friulana Ambientale is always at the forefront in the fields of environmental protection and ecology and has been working in the innovative segment of cleaning and sanitation for the purpose of prevention and environmental safety, since 2017.

Anticipating the needs of its clients, Friulana Ambientale has designed devices for the sanitisation of everyday objects in households and, at the same time, sanitation and prevention devices for the professional sector.

Home series: Sanitisers

The sanitisers of our home series ensure the sanitisation of objects, which can be easily contaminated in the daily use. The range includes three models of different sizes, according to the objects to be treated, made of eco-friendly materials, with an attractive design and very high sanitation efficiency.

The whole series features a UVC lamp technology, which combines the action of ozone and ultraviolet light allowing to quickly and effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, moulds, mildews and spores, alongside with unpleasant smells of various origin.

The lamps release ozone, whose volatility ensures a deep action, since it also reaches parts of the objects to be sanitised, which are not accessible to common cleaning means, making chemical products unnecessary.

Professional line: Ozonators

Ozone is a highly oxidant and reactive gas and its use is quickly spreading since it allows to effectively sanitise and disinfect environments without the need for chemical substances.

The ozonators by Friulana Ambientale, currently available in two versions (2000 and 20,000 mg/h), can be produced in different sizes according to the volume of the areas to be treated.

Their operation is extremely user-friendly and quick: after programming, ozone is automatically released for the set time. At the end of each cycle, the user simply has to air the room for some minutes before returning to his activity.